Team Sales


We have advanced experience with outfitting lacrosse teams throughout the nation. Call the store at 843-971-1327 for details on pricing, shipment, and time frames of jerseys, shorts, complete uniforms, practice gear, and spirit wear. We stand by our promise to be flexible, timely, and work with you until you have EXACTLY what your lacrosse team has been dreaming of. We have graphic designers and developers on our team to help you come up with fantastic designs that will allow you to display your team's individual personality.



We have many options for your practice gear. Speak with Tim or Alex to lead you through the decision making process.



Spirit wear is a must for any team. It encourages team cohesiveness and pride. Talk with our sales representatives to find your favorite pieces.



We know how important it is to look good on the field. We are here to answer any questions you may have about outfitting your team. Come into the store to see samples and talk details, or just email or call today!

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